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8-Year-Old Girl Prays with San Antonio Officers

<p>8-year-old Paige Vazquez prays with San Antonio officers at a local restaurant. (Photo: YouTube Screenshot)</p>

Eight-year-old Paige Vazquez of San Antonio, TX, always prays for people, especially police officers since she knows their job is really hard. She says that every little prayer helps, so when she noticed a group of local police officers at a local restaurant, she walked over and asked if she could pray for them.

The officers were touched by the gesture and bowed their heads to pray with Paige. Paige did not know that these officers were still grieving over the loss of a fellow officer who lost his life in the line of duty just last month.

This small act of kindness resonated with people all over the world and Paige's picture is going viral, godvine.com reports.


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